What We Do

Imedxpress is a software company based in Los Angeles, California.
We offer a complete solution for NEMT/Paratransit operators. Includes scheduling, dispatching, routing, customer management, insurance billing, reports, fleet management, integration with all MediCaid brokers for EDI trip management.

Simple And Affordable

Very easy and very affordable. Simple pay-as-you-go model. Zero upfront cost.

Real-Time Dispatching

The dispatch screen and the driver’s mobile application work in concert to provide real-time GPS positions and heading information.


Template scheduling allows for the arrangement of trips on a vehicle to be duplicated day after day.
Manual scheduling for specific cases.


Keep track of your records by the driver, by destination, by day, week, month and year.

Electronic Billing

Electronic 837 EDI claims submission. Smooth transition from client’s current medical billing provider.


Integration with transportation brokers like MTM, AMR, Access2Care, Modivcare etc.


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